Men, women and children of all ages – Marvel at the piles of brain which clump around your feet. Stand astonished at the blood that runs like vines down the haggard concrete walls, and drink the spit from the divets in the gutters where the path of everything that has fallen creates a space.

Come one, come all…

See the sights, the sounds and wonders that create the Cocoa The Clown show.

Drink and rejoice for salvation is here.

Cocoa The Clown

“With three panels at a time, Cocoa is evolving in awesome steps.

As the series progresses more and more, I don’t see any connection to the gay faggotry of gawthic, and/or “funny-guy” clowns anymore. Not that I ever did. the fact that he’s a clown, at this point, is merely a cosmetic aspect of the absolute.

He’s almost an anti-identity. A philosopher so unpretentious and yet lost in his own skin.

Cocoa The Clown is a virgin representation of humanity in its purest, most honest form.

Mankind being nothing more than a confused vagrant, wandering the streets, pondering his inner desires, completely unaware that he wears the visage of a goof, a fool, or to put it another way… A fucking clown. Like a foggy dream, the events of yet another meaningless day unfold as Cocoa observes it all in memories resounding like a displaced epitaph.

This almost makes him some higher, darker, and more whimsical version of a mediocre existentialist.

A necessary offspring of an every-changing evolutionary process, one of habitat’s discards. An approachable monster and an unnatural holy man, all at once. Like lighting out of a clear sky.”

Gobowinkler, 2006-